mardi 12 mai 2009

HOF004 ::: GAMENESS / AMEN RA / GANTZ / VUUR - 4way Split CD

Once again, a co-production for the label. Four bands and a couple of label like Impure Muzik took part in in this. This was born under the name of frienship and a good mix between the best of Belgium and France!

If I remind well we have done 1000 copies of this CD.

Tracklist :

GAMENESS - ressucite et remeur
GAMENESS - immobile destinee
AMEN RA - a promise to make
AMEN RA - offerande
GANTZ - hors condition
GANTZ - porte par le vide
VUUR - state one
VUUR - dying breed
VUUR - bitter

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vendredi 8 mai 2009


This split CD was only released by my label. But a LP version was done at that moment by other labels. Around 500 copies where made on CD, and I guess 500 or 800 of the LP version. Well this has been gone well, but you can still find some copies here or there.

Both bands are no more but people are still active in other projects like AUSSITÔT MORT, MENY HELLKIN, HYACINTH (rip), DEAD FOR A MINUTE (rip), AMANDA WOODWARD, etc.

THE APOLLO PROGRAM was a band from Caen, same city as AMANDA WOODWARD, and many people compared them to it as well as YAPHET KOTTO, and ENGINE DOWN.

SHORT SUPPLY are ex-DEAD FOR A MINUTE but playing melodic punk emo insted of chaotic metalcore. We can compare their music to melodic stuff like SMALL BROWN BIKE mixed with HOT WATER MUSIC and CABLE CAR THEORY.


TITLES are :

THE APOLLO PROGRAM - cheap ticket for new colonialist
THE APOLLO PROGRAM - cross the line
THE APOLLO PROGRAM - every moment...
SHORT SUPPLY - pantomine
SHORT SUPPLY - (the scent) of burnt plastic

HOF002 ::: TAKE NO HEROES compilation CD

This one was a big cooperation between 8 labels from France, Poland, Philippines, Spain and Belgium. And this for 10 bands from all over the globe : POITING FINGER (portugal), RAZLOG ZA (croatia, NO VIOLENCE (brazil), FEUD (philippines), ONLY WAY OUT (poland), CRICKBAT (spain), THE MUTINY (usa), SINCERITY (germany), CITA ATIEKSME (latvia) and SECOND COMBAT (malaysia). This is more a cooperation CD than a project where i have inject myself as a person. Anyway I was happy to take part in such a worlwide project.

Anyway, up to now, there's no link for this release to download it for free.

This is considered as a compilation but you find here 39 songs for a total of 71 minutes of fast music!

dimanche 3 mai 2009

HOF001 ::: ACTIONS FALL SHORT "the nightmares goes on"

Actions Fall Short was the first release of the label. Long time ago. A work between friends and pals. My first release was done with my friend Xavier with Still Holding On Recs, and with our French pals of Actions Fall Short. If you love and enjoy posi-hardcore like IN MY EYES, THE NERVE AGENT, and other fast melodic stuff like that, then this is your thing!

This was first released as a CDR... which is sold-out hey!

So i offer you this for your own pleasure. This has been available for a long time now on

This record is available in Ogg, mp3 (192, 64, VBR), and Zip file.