vendredi 8 mai 2009

HOF002 ::: TAKE NO HEROES compilation CD

This one was a big cooperation between 8 labels from France, Poland, Philippines, Spain and Belgium. And this for 10 bands from all over the globe : POITING FINGER (portugal), RAZLOG ZA (croatia, NO VIOLENCE (brazil), FEUD (philippines), ONLY WAY OUT (poland), CRICKBAT (spain), THE MUTINY (usa), SINCERITY (germany), CITA ATIEKSME (latvia) and SECOND COMBAT (malaysia). This is more a cooperation CD than a project where i have inject myself as a person. Anyway I was happy to take part in such a worlwide project.

Anyway, up to now, there's no link for this release to download it for free.

This is considered as a compilation but you find here 39 songs for a total of 71 minutes of fast music!

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