mardi 13 juillet 2010

HOF008 ::: LAKME - s/t - CDR

This was a limited edition CDR released at 100 copies and this was fastly gone. I really enjoyed working with those Czech dudes. Really nice guys and heartfelt passionate music. Artwork was handmade with a good silkscreened picture like on the picture here :


Tracklist :

1. Bestie
2. Bludicky
3. Dovolena
4. Bez smeru
5. Nejsem dite
6. Tolik bych si pral
7. Nove cesty

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samedi 22 août 2009

HOF007 ::: VUUR / GRINDING HALT - split LP

Well well well, these one took a lot of time to be done, but finally was. And well i was verrrrryyy happy to make it in the end. Two of the best DIY punk hardcore bands of these days. Nowadays VUUR have split up and two of them have started KINGTERROR with members of SL-27 and RUBBISH HEAP. And well GRINDING HALT, is keeping their own way... and do it well!!! Have I already said to you that GRINDING HALT had a lot of "ex-members of"? SHIKARI, THE LAST MILE, and many others.

Here's a download link I have found. Feel free to use it. Share and enjoy! I guess the disc is sold out, or almost!

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Here's the piece of text I have writen for this split 12inch and found back on my computer. Read it, hate it or enjoy it!

Each day we grow older, that's a fact. We cannot makes things against this. And while we grow older we get more responsabilities. We may have work. Some have families. Others even have childs. This does not change anything. We still are into punk rock. We still stick to the DIY ethics. Maybe more than before. I mean DIY have its set of values. But while getting older you look on many ways to extend your DIY view to your daily actvities. How to extend your anti-business feelings into your daily life. For example, some might be vegetarian, others vegan, for some animal liberation ideas. But this is not a mean to an end. You then start to think more about human rights, about fair way to treat people from everywhere. You think about anti-capitalism as an extension to all of this. And then you try to incorporate that way of thinking into your daily consumption, or even better: in consumming less. Consumption to a certain extend is a need to live (think about food), consumption for the pleasure of getting into the new trend is just stupid.

So while getting older I got to think about many things. I read many books and discuss with too many people. This lead me to think on some subject that society (read : the consumption society) don't want us to see. You learn and grow older. But in some way your DIY ethics was/is a first step to something you can extend on too many things. I won't list anything here. The idea is not make the right list which for some reasons stupid asshole would name « to be DIY, do this and that ».

DIY, means Do It Yourself. This does not mean Do It Alone... that is the capitalist idea which Liberal Parties try to impose on society those days. We tend to extend Do It Yourself, in Do It Together. But DIY means, we can do it... without the help of any major label, any coporate society support etc. We feel we can do it, for us, and for people who care of this! We don't care of making money with this. If you do, you'd better leave and work as a slave for any coporate society then. But your place is not here.

We first do it to enjoy, but we put a set of ethics. These ethics might be slightly different for all of us, but we all stick to a close idea of DIY. The way to interact, as a community... I mean a community, not a corporation. It is not any industry (even if some would love to raise money on this). This community have brought me many things along the years. Call it punk or hardcore, I don't mind. DIY was a way to be in touch with people. I mean in real, not just behind a computer screen. Life is way more better than fake interaction. Through this I've travelled in different part of Europe (but not that far), met many great people. I have helped many bands playing here. I have made a zine when I was young, I still do one but on Internet now. I release records. I've toured with bands from the label ... But for me, the more important, is the relations, the connection with people, the thing we can share together through music. In one word : the passion.

lundi 17 août 2009

HOF006 ::: GANTZ "la chambre des morts" CD

Well known French band back in the days. They went through different line-up and for this album, they lost the singer they had on their 4-way split CD. Anyway, this album is maybe the best thing they do to close their discography before the band split up... 3 months after the release of this album. Now some plays in HIRO. Others in STELARDRIVE. Oh, have I said they played post-hardcore with many screamo influences and some post-rock melodies?

1. Les sapins de Douglas
2. J'aurais préféré moi que toi
3. Vieillir sans compter, vieillir sans trembler
4. Les haches de Phecta
5. Noircir la porte de sa maison
6. Les Architectes
7. Les prémices du béton
8. Rance

CD had one more song than the LP version!
CD coproduced with Impure Muzik, Krawa Productions and Radar Swarm Records.

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jeudi 13 août 2009

HOFOO5 ::: BELLE EPOQUE "à la dérive" LP

Versailles emocore!! French sung music influenced by old French 90's emo like Carther Matha , Peu être, Rachel... with similarities to more modern emo like Yage or Amanda Woodward. Born in 2002, the band split up in 2006.
This LP was sold out in something like 3 months on my side! One of my favourite records released due to the participation of all the people involved, band and label mates. Lots of texts to read inside the booklet...

Tracklist :
  • La danse finie, les masques tombent
  • Le mal à penser
  • Naufragé-e-s volontaires
  • Il est trop tard
  • ---
  • Une simple étoile
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mardi 12 mai 2009

HOF004 ::: GAMENESS / AMEN RA / GANTZ / VUUR - 4way Split CD

Once again, a co-production for the label. Four bands and a couple of label like Impure Muzik took part in in this. This was born under the name of frienship and a good mix between the best of Belgium and France!

If I remind well we have done 1000 copies of this CD.

Tracklist :

GAMENESS - ressucite et remeur
GAMENESS - immobile destinee
AMEN RA - a promise to make
AMEN RA - offerande
GANTZ - hors condition
GANTZ - porte par le vide
VUUR - state one
VUUR - dying breed
VUUR - bitter

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vendredi 8 mai 2009


This split CD was only released by my label. But a LP version was done at that moment by other labels. Around 500 copies where made on CD, and I guess 500 or 800 of the LP version. Well this has been gone well, but you can still find some copies here or there.

Both bands are no more but people are still active in other projects like AUSSITÔT MORT, MENY HELLKIN, HYACINTH (rip), DEAD FOR A MINUTE (rip), AMANDA WOODWARD, etc.

THE APOLLO PROGRAM was a band from Caen, same city as AMANDA WOODWARD, and many people compared them to it as well as YAPHET KOTTO, and ENGINE DOWN.

SHORT SUPPLY are ex-DEAD FOR A MINUTE but playing melodic punk emo insted of chaotic metalcore. We can compare their music to melodic stuff like SMALL BROWN BIKE mixed with HOT WATER MUSIC and CABLE CAR THEORY.


TITLES are :

THE APOLLO PROGRAM - cheap ticket for new colonialist
THE APOLLO PROGRAM - cross the line
THE APOLLO PROGRAM - every moment...
SHORT SUPPLY - pantomine
SHORT SUPPLY - (the scent) of burnt plastic

HOF002 ::: TAKE NO HEROES compilation CD

This one was a big cooperation between 8 labels from France, Poland, Philippines, Spain and Belgium. And this for 10 bands from all over the globe : POITING FINGER (portugal), RAZLOG ZA (croatia, NO VIOLENCE (brazil), FEUD (philippines), ONLY WAY OUT (poland), CRICKBAT (spain), THE MUTINY (usa), SINCERITY (germany), CITA ATIEKSME (latvia) and SECOND COMBAT (malaysia). This is more a cooperation CD than a project where i have inject myself as a person. Anyway I was happy to take part in such a worlwide project.

Anyway, up to now, there's no link for this release to download it for free.

This is considered as a compilation but you find here 39 songs for a total of 71 minutes of fast music!