lundi 17 août 2009

HOF006 ::: GANTZ "la chambre des morts" CD

Well known French band back in the days. They went through different line-up and for this album, they lost the singer they had on their 4-way split CD. Anyway, this album is maybe the best thing they do to close their discography before the band split up... 3 months after the release of this album. Now some plays in HIRO. Others in STELARDRIVE. Oh, have I said they played post-hardcore with many screamo influences and some post-rock melodies?

1. Les sapins de Douglas
2. J'aurais préféré moi que toi
3. Vieillir sans compter, vieillir sans trembler
4. Les haches de Phecta
5. Noircir la porte de sa maison
6. Les Architectes
7. Les prémices du béton
8. Rance

CD had one more song than the LP version!
CD coproduced with Impure Muzik, Krawa Productions and Radar Swarm Records.

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