jeudi 13 août 2009

HOFOO5 ::: BELLE EPOQUE "à la dérive" LP

Versailles emocore!! French sung music influenced by old French 90's emo like Carther Matha , Peu être, Rachel... with similarities to more modern emo like Yage or Amanda Woodward. Born in 2002, the band split up in 2006.
This LP was sold out in something like 3 months on my side! One of my favourite records released due to the participation of all the people involved, band and label mates. Lots of texts to read inside the booklet...

Tracklist :
  • La danse finie, les masques tombent
  • Le mal à penser
  • Naufragé-e-s volontaires
  • Il est trop tard
  • ---
  • Une simple étoile
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